STAAD.Pro Help

M. To copy an internal contour

Use this procedure to make a copy of any internal contour or hole.

Inner contours must be previously specified for the tools used to be active.

Inner contours can be placed anywhere within the external contour.

  1. Select either

    Edit > Copy inner contour


    the Copy inner contour(s) tool

  2. From there, select either to use a Rectangle or Polygon window method for performing a selection. Depending on the window method selected, the mouse pointer either changes to a rectangular selection icon () or a polygonal selection icon ().
  3. Click an initial point outside of the inner contour(s) you wish to copy. Depending on the window method selected, either a rectangle (rectangular) or a single line (polygon) is rubber banded to your mouse pointer.
  4. Select the next point based on the following:

    For a rectangle, select the opposite corner of the rectangular window enclosing all of the inner contours you wish to copy.


    For a polygon, click the next vertex along the polygon defining the outer edge of the window are. Repeat this step until the contours you wish to copy are enclosed, double-clicking the last point to close the polygon.

  5. Specify a location of the copy by either

    Clicking anywhere within the windowed area and dragging the copy to where you wish to place it. Your mouse pointer becomes a multi-arrow icon () to indicate this option.


    Right-click to open the Copy of contour(s) dialog which is used to specify Y and Z offsets. Click OK to place the copy at this location.

    Copies inner contours or their vertices may not overlap with other inner contours.