STAAD.Pro Help

M. File menu

Contains items for creating, opening, and closing section data files, printing, and exiting the program.

表 1. File menu items
Menu item Description Same effect as selecting…
New Opens an empty section design file. If the currently loaded section has been modified, then the option is given to save it prior to comencing with the new design. CTRL+N

Opens the Open Data file dialog, which is used to select an existing Section Data file (file extenstion .SEC).

If the Show Drawing option is checked, then a preview of the section can be displayed prior to opening the file.

Create Standard Section Opens the Section dialog which is used to quickly generate a composite section based on one of seven options.  
Save Saves any changes made to the current data file.
注記: If the current file has not been previously saved, this has the same effect as selecting Save As…
Save As… Opens the Save data file dialog which is used to specify a file name and location for the section data file.  
Report Formats and sends the data to the Report Type option defined in the Misc sheet of the Program Options dialog. See Options below.  

Displays the section as will be drawn in the report.

Toggles the display of the Section Element dialog.

Send… Opens an e-mail (using your default e-mail client) and attaches the current data file.  
Export to STAAD.Pro > Select either to export the section as a General or Prismatic section. A Save

If an existing User Provide Table file is selected, the current section will be appended to the end of this table.

Refer to the STAAD.Pro Technical Reference for additional information on using section types.

Sections > <list> A list of the most recent four section data files. Select one to open that data file.  
Exit Closes the program. If any changes were made since the last time the data file was saved, a message dialog opens confirming you wish to save those changes. ALT+F4