STAAD.Pro Help

M. To modify composite steel beam properties

To change the steel beam profile or effective flange width, use the following procedure.

The program will use the assigned steel sections for beams and also automatically calculate the effective flange width of the composite section. However, you can update steel sections from the Composite Decks dialog as well as specify a value for the effective flange width.
  1. Select a beam in the Composite Decks dialog within a composite deck name. The beam options are displayed in the dialog.
  2. (オプション) Click Add/Change Property to open the Section Profile Tables dialog. From there, you can select a different beam or beam properties.
    注記: You should not specify a composite section type specification for these beams. The use of the composite deck definition allows the program to calculate all the necessary composite section parameters automatically. Refer to G.6.7 Composite Beams and Composite Decks for details.
  3. (オプション) Type an Effective Width in the current units and then click Update to change the effective width of the composite deck for the beam.