STAAD.Pro Help

P. Node Displacements table

Displays the displacements and rotations for each node for the selected load case. For geometric nonlinear analysis, you can select the load step for which you want to display the displacements.

Opens when the Displacements page is selected in the Postprocessing workflow.

Select Load Step Select the Load Step value to display in the view window, Node Displacement Curve dialog, and the Node Displacements table. The Maximum Number of Load Steps for the current load case is displayed on the right-hand side of the table controls.
Limit Maximum Load Step for Graph Select this option to limit the Load Level scale on the Node Displacement Curve to the Selected Load Step.

All tab

This tab presents all nodal displacements in tabular form for all load cases and all degrees of freedom.

Summary tab

The Summary tab shown below, presents the maximum and minimum nodal displacements (translational and rotational) for each degree of freedom. All nodes and all Load Cases specified during the Results Setup are considered. Maximum values for all degrees of freedom are presented with the corresponding Node of occurrence and Load Case number (L/C).