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D7.A.7 Design Parameters

You are allowed complete control over the design process through the use of parameters described in the following table. These parameters communicate design decisions from the engineer to the program. The default parameter values have been selected such that they are frequently used numbers for conventional design. Depending on the particular design requirements of the situation, some or all of these parameter values may have to be changed to exactly model the physical structure.
Note: 一度パラメータを設定すると、その値は再度設定されるまで設定されたその数のままです。これはSTAAD.Proで、すべてのコードに対してあてはまります。
Table 1. German Steel Design Parameters
Parameter Name Default Value Description

Must be specified as DIN18800.

準拠する設計コード。「TR.48.1 パラメータの設定」を参照してください。

BEAM 0.0

Number of sections to be checked per member:

  • 0. Design only for end sections.
  • 1. Check at location of maximum MZ along member.
  • 2. Check ends plus location of beam 1.0 check.
  • 3. Check at every 1/13th of the member length and report the maximum.
CB 0 Beam coefficient n, defined in Table 9: If Cb = 0, program will use n = 2.5 for rolled sections and 2.0 for welded sections.
CMM 1.0

Moment factor, Zeta, defined in Table 10:

  • 1. fixed ended member with constant moment, Zeta = 1.0
  • 2. pin ended member with UDL, Zeta = 1.12
  • 3. pin ended member with central point load, Zeta = 1.35
  • 4. fixed ended member, Zeta calculated from end moments.
DMAX 1.0 m Maximum allowable depth during member selection
DMIN 0.0 m Minimum required depth during member selection
KY 1.0 K value in local y-axis. Usually, this is the minor axis.
KZ 1.0 K value in local z-axis. Usually, this is the major axis.
LY Member Length Length in local y-axis to calculate slenderness ratio.
LZ Member Length Length in local z-axis to calculate slenderness ratio.
PY 240 N/ Strength of steel.
NSF 1.0 Net section factor for tension members.
RATIO 1.0 Permissible ratio of actual to allowable stresses
SAME 0.0

Control of sections to try during a SELECT process:

  • 0. Try every section of the same type as the original.
  • 1. Try only those with a similar name.

Specify section as either rolled or built-up:

  • 0. Rolled
  • 1. Built-up
SGR 0.0

Grade of steel:

  • 0. St 37-2
  • 1. St 52-3
  • 2. St E 355

Level of detail in output file:

  • 0. Output summary of results
  • 1. Output summary of results plus member capacities
  • 2. Output detailed results
UNF 1.0 Same as above provided as a factor of actual member length.
UNL Member Length Unrestrained member length in lateral torsional buckling checks.