STAAD.Pro Help

D. To create a load envelope

  1. Select the Envelopes page in the Advanced Slab Design page control bar. The Envelopes table.
    ヒント: This page is typically open by default.
  2. Click New Envelope on the Envelopes table.


    The Load Envelope dialog opens.
  3. (オプション) Type a title for the load envelope. A Load Envelope name should be entered, being defined by the chosen load cases by clicking the check boxes corresponding to each load case.
  4. Select the load cases or combinations to be included in the design load envelope.
    ヒント: Check the Select All Load Cases Shown Below option to add all available load cases to the envelope.
  5. For each load case included, select a Load Type to describe the nature of that load.
  6. Click OK. The new load envelope is added to the Envelopes table.