STAAD.Pro Help

M. To transfer the generated model to STAAD.Pro

  1. Select File >  Merge Model with STAAD.Pro Model. A dialog prompts you to confirm you want to merge this prototype with your current STAAD.Pro model.
  2. Click Yes.

    The Paste Prototype Model dialog opens.

  3. (オプション) Specify the method of offset:
    ヒント: This is useful, for example, to place a prototype truss model at the top of already modeled columns.
    Move option Do the following
    By distance between following two nodes Type the node numbers
    By the following X, Y and Z values Type the coordinates (in the indicated units) where to place the prototype origin in the global coordinates of the STAAD model.
  4. Click OK. The model is placed.

In the event that nodes, members, or elements overlap existing similar objects in the STAAD model, a message dialog opens indicating that the duplicate objects have been ignored. Click OK to proceed.