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D4.E.6 Member Resistances

The member resistances are calculated in STAAD.Pro according to the procedures outlined in section 13 of the specification. These depend on several factors such as members unsupported lengths, cross-sectional properties, slenderness factors, unsupported width to thickness ratios and so on. Note that the program automatically takes into consideration appropriate resistance factors to calculate member resistances. Explained here is the procedure adopted in STAAD.Pro for calculating the member resistances.

ϕ = 0.9 and ϕu = 0.75


There are no specific guidelines mentioned in CSA S16 for the torsion design and STAAD does not perform torsion check in this case.


The slenderness check is not used as a critical member ratio check. If a slenderness check is included and exceed unity (1.0), then it may be reported as the governing criteria. However, if it is less than unity, it will be reported but will not be used as the governing ratio.