STAAD.Pro Help

M. To Create a Shear Wall

Shear walls created by the Building Planner are analytically columns with the dimensions of the wall they represent.

  1. Select Assign > Define Shear Wall.
  2. Click the columns or slab corners to define the start and end of the shear wall in plan.

    The points are highlighted with gray-filled, red circles in the view window. The Define Shear Wall dialog opens.

  3. Specify the shear wall parameters: as necessary
    1. Type a Mark to label the wall.
    2. If a shear wall is not continuous from base to roof, clear the check mark in the Create column for that level.
    3. Type an X Offset and Y Offset value to move the wall with respect to the selected start point.
    4. Type B and D dimensions to specify a wall size.
  4. Click OK. The shear wall is drawn in dark red in the plan.
  5. Repeat Steps 2 through 4 as necessary to continue adding shear walls.
    ヒント: Press <Esc> to quit using this tool.