STAAD.Pro Help

GS.To change the system units

There are two base unit systems in the program which control the units (length, force, temperature, etc.) in which values — specifically results and other information presented in the tables and report— are displayed. The base unit system also dictates what type of default values the program uses when attributes such as Modulus of Elasticity, Density, etc., are assigned based on material types (i.e.., steel, Concrete, Aluminum) selected from the program’s library (Please refer to 組み込み材料定数). These two unit systems are English (Foot, Pound, etc.) and Metric (KN, Meter, etc.).

  1. On the Start page, click Configure.
    The Configure Program dialog opens.
  2. Select appropriate system of units in the Base Unit group on the General.
  3. Click OK.