STAAD.Pro Help

I. Copy/Paste from Spreadsheets

The Copy/Paste facility in input tables in STAAD.Pro allows different column sizes and configuration to be copied from an external spreadsheet file and then pasted into STAAD.Pro.

On any STAAD.Pro input grid table capable of handling manual input, rows and columns copied from a spreadsheet can be directly pasted into STAAD.Pro. If the columns in the spreadsheet do not match the column headers in a STAAD.Pro grid table, STAAD.Pro will ask to assign the columns in the spreadsheet to the appropriate columns in the STAAD.Pro grid table.  In the figure shown below, a sample spreadsheet file containing the coordinates of some nodes is displayed. A selection of the spreadsheet's cells have been copied to the system clipboard.

Example spreadsheet data

This data is then selected and attempted to be copied into the STAAD.Pro Nodes table shown in the next figure.

Tip: The entire row in the STAAD table should be selected before pasting the data. The paste function will not be active if only one cell is selected.

The number of columns in the first figure does not match the number of columns in the second figure. In this case, the Select Column Mapping dialog opens when attempting to paste the spreadsheet data.

Select Column Mapping dialog box

The upper list box displays the current mapping between the spreadsheet (the Field column) and the STAAD.Pro table (the Column column).  By clicking on a particular Field, the mapping between the spreadsheet and the STAAD.Pro table can be changed under the Change Mapping list box. The options listed under the Change Mapping list box are the available columns in the STAAD.Pro table.  If a particular column coming from the spreadsheet is not relevant for the STAAD.Pro table, simply choose the option Not Mapped under the Change Mapping list box.

Tip: While the Select Column Mapping dialog is open, the system's ability to paste from the clipboard may be interrupted. Closing this dialog (either by clicking OK or Cancel) will restore normal clipboard functionality.