STAAD.Pro Help

D2.B.6 Material Properties

For specification of material properties, the user can use either:

  1. built-in material constants
  2. user-defined materials

Refer TR.26.2 メンバーとエレメントに対する定数の設定 for further information on the Built-in Material Constants feature.

Refer TR.26.1 材料の定義 for further information on the Define Material feature.

D2.B.6.1 Young’s Modulus of Elasticity (E)

STAAD.Pro’s default steel material’s E value is 205,000 MPa. However AS 4100 section 1.4 states that the modulus of elasticity should be taken as 200,000 MPa. There are a number of options to change this value:

  • change the steel material through the input file or GUI for each file created
  • define a new steel material for each file created
  • change the default STAAD.Pro metric E value in the file C:/Windows/StaadPro20070.ini, going to the “[Material-Metric]” section, and changing E1=205.0e6 to E1=200.0e6. Restart STAAD.Pro for this to take effect.

    CAUTION: Virtualization features of Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 may require additional files to be modified. Contact Bentley Technical Support for assistance.