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D1.C.5.2 Axial Compression

The column strength equations have been revised in LRFD to take into account inelastic deformation and other recent research in column behavior. Two equations governing column strength are available, one for inelastic buckling and the other for elastic or Euler buckling. Both equations include the effects of residual stresses and initial out-of-straightness. Compression strength for a particular member is calculated by STAAD according to the procedure outlined in Chapter E of the LRFD specifications. For slender elements, the procedure described in Appendix B5.3 is used.

Singly symmetric and unsymmetric compression members are designed on the basis of the limit states of flexural-torsional and torsional buckling. The procedure of Appendix E3 is implemented for the determination of design strength for these limit states.

Effective length for calculation of compression resistance may be provided through the use of the parameters KY, KZ and/or LY, LZ. If not provided, the entire member length will be taken into consideration.

In addition to the compression resistance criterion, compression members are required to satisfy slenderness limitations which are a function of the nature of use of the member (main load resisting component, bracing member, etc.). In both the member selection and code checking process, STAAD immediately does a slenderness check on appropriate members before continuing with other procedures for determining the adequacy of a given member.