STAAD.Pro Help

D. To add a parameter set

To a set of design parameters to one or more members, use the following procedure.

A parameter set is used to assign a collection of steel design parameters (grade, seismic detailing, etc.) to one or more members.
Note: Many of the parameters do have default values, so they do not all need to be specified for every member. However, any member to be designed in the Chinese Steel Design workflow does require a parameter set assigned to it.
  1. In the Chinese Steel Design workflow, select the Parameters page. The Chinese Steel Design Parameters - Whole Structure dialog opens.
  2. In the Chinese Steel Design Parameters - Whole Structure dialog, click Add. The Add New Chinese Steel Design Parameters dialog opens.
  3. Select and specify the parameters on each of the dialog tabs for this set as needed.
  4. Click OK.

Parameter sets associated with a STAAD input file are stored in a .gsp with the same file name as the input file and in the same file location. These are plain text files.