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P. Pushover - Layouts

The pushover analysis results layouts in the post-processing mode are described here. These pages are available only upon a successful pushover analysis.

Layout Purpose
Loads Opens the Load Values table, which displays the nodal load values and total base shear for the selected load step, along with the Capacity Curve table.

The magnitude and direction of the loads in the current load step are displayed in the view window.

Graph Opens the Capacity Curve graph, which displays displacement vs. force for the pushover analysis.

The Capacity Curve table contains the roof or control joint displacement and base shear values recorded for each load step.

Node Results Displays nodal displacements and rotations in the Node Displacements table and the support reactions in the Support Reactions table for the selected load step.

The deflected shape is overlaid on the structure in the view window.

Beam Results Opens the Beam Hinge Results table which displays the status of the beam and hinge conditions along each beam's length. The Beam Force Detail table displays the cross-sectional forces and moments at sections along each beam's length are displayed for the selected load step.

The status of beams and hinges are displayed in the view window.