STAAD.Pro Help

T.1 Specifying loads

The STAAD.Pro物理モデラー creates a default Load Group 1 with the no specified load type. You will add the dead and live loads to this load group and then create a new load group for the wind load.
  1. On the Spreadsheet ribbon tab, select the Load cases tool in the Reference group.

    The Load Cases spreadsheet opens.
  2. For Load case 1, type Dead + Live in the Name cell to rename the load case.
  3. Click the beam member (M2) to select it.
  4. On the Member ribbon tab, select the Distributed tool in the Loads group.

    The Add Member Distributed Load dialog opens.
  5. Specify the load: Leave the Load Group as LC: Dead + Live and the Load Type as Uniform.
    1. Select Global Y as the Direction.
    2. Type -2.5 kip/ft in the Magnitude field.
    3. Click OK.
    The load is applied to the beam.
  6. On the Model ribbon tab, select the Load Case tool in the Loads group.

    The Add Load Case dialog opens.
  7. Specify the wind load case details:
    1. Type Wind From Left in the Name field.
    2. Select Wind for the Type. Leave the other items for Self-weight data empty (default).
    3. Click OK.
    A new load case is added to the Load Cases spreadsheet and the load is automatically selected in the program window status bar as the current load.
    Note: When load items are created they are added to the current load case or load group by default.
  8. Select the upper-left node (N2).
  9. On the Node ribbon tab, select the Nodal Load tool in the Loads group.

    The Add Nodal Load dialog opens.
  10. Specify the lateral wind load:
    1. Leave the Load group selection as LC:Wind from left.
    2. Type 10 kip in the Fx field.
    3. Click OK.