STAAD.Pro Help

Section Database Manager Ribbon toolbar

表 1. Section Database Manager Home ribbon tab
Tool Name Description Shortcut

Paste clipboard contents into the table. <Ctrl+V>

Copy the selection to the clipboard and delete the original. <Ctrl+X>

Copy the selection to the clipboard. <Ctrl+C>

Close Table
Closes the currently selected table.  

Close All
Closes all open tables.  

Unlock / Lock
Unlocks the current table for editing. Once unlocked, the same tool re-locks the table to prevent further changes.  

Append Row
Adds a new table row at the end of the table.  

Add Above
Adds a new table row before the current selection.  

Add Below
Adds a new table row after the current selection.  

Delete Row
Deletes the currently selected row from the table. <Delete>

Saves all changes to the current table.  

Undoes all uncommitted changes made to the current table.  

Opens the Default Database Configuration dialog, which is used to select the default country and section databases to use in the Section Profiles Table dialog.  

Print Preview
Opens a print preview of the currently selected table.  

Prints the currently selected table contents. <Ctrl+P>

Opens a Save As dialog, where you can choose a location and file format for exporting the current table contents to an external file.  

Convert Database Access to SQLite
Opens the Convert Access Database to SQLite Database dialog, which is used to convert legacy section database files in Microsoft Access database format to SQLite database files.