STAAD.Pro Help

To export shape for use in STAAD.Pro

To export the shape profile for use in STAAD.Pro as a user-provided table, do the following.

注記: This profile shape should consist of only an outer contour. Any internal voids such as internal contours or openings will be ignored, though section properties calculated by Section Wizard based on sections with voids will be used.
  1. Select File > Export to STAAD.Pro > General Section. A Save As dialog opens.
  2. Navigate to where you want to save the file, type a file name, and then click Save. The User Table Units dialog opens.
  3. Select the unit of length for use with this shape and then click OK. The General shape dialog opens.
  4. Type the Section Name for use in the STAAD.Pro user provided table.
  5. (オプション) Type in any override values for section properties you want to use instead of those calculated by Section Wizard.
The shape vertices and calculated section properties are saved to the .upt file.
You can use this file as an external file for a user-provided section. Refer to M. To use a general shape created in Section Wizard.