STAAD.Pro Help

M. To add a pushover loading

Use the following procedure to define the pushover loading to be used in the pushover analysis.

  1. On the  Loading ribbon tab, select the  Pushover tool in the Define Loading Systems group. The Create New Definitions / Load Cases / Load Items dialog opens with only the Pushover tab displayed.
  2. Select the Define Loading Pattern tab.
  3. (オプション)  Select User Defined If the default Auto load pattern is used, the program will internally compute the gravity loads.
  4. (オプション)  Set the Method for Lateral Load Calculation See "Program Defined Push Load Distribution Pattern" for additional information on each method.
  5. (オプション) Set the Total Base Shear to be Distributed Direction Total Base Shear
  6. (オプション) Specify a Number of Push Load Steps
  7. Click Add.
    ヒント: Only one pushover loading definition may be used for a model. If a different pushover loading definition is required, either change the individual parameters or delete them and create a new definition.