STAAD.Pro Help

M. To drop the associated physical model

To remove the associated physical model from the current STAAD input file, use the following procedure.

注意: This procedure cannot be undone. Once a physical model has been dropped, that model can no longer be opened within the Physical Modeling workflow.

When a physical model is associated with a STAAD input file, many tools in the Analytical Modeling workflow as well as portions of the input file in the STAAD.Proエディタ are disabled. This is intended to prevent making changes which would potentially corrupt the association between the physical and analytical models. However, there are times when you may need to drop this association to make changes to the analytical model.

  1. Select the Analytical Modeling workflow in STAAD.Pro.
  2. On the Utilities ribbon tab, select the Drop Physical Model tool in the Physical Model group.

    A warning dialog opens asking you to confirm you want to break this link.
  3. Click Yes.
The input file is re-opened in STAAD.Pro as a analytical model only.