STAAD.Pro Help

P. To review pushover beam results

Once a successful pushover analysis is performed, pushover results are available in the Postprocessing worfklow.

  1. On the Results ribbon tab, select the Layouts tool drop-down in the Dynamics group.
  2. Select the Loads tool in the Pushover group. The Beam Hinge Results and Beam Force Detail tables open.
  3. Either type a integer or use the arrows in the Select Load Step field. The values in the tables are updated for this load step. The
The hinges are graphically displayed on the structure for each load step using the color coding for acceptance criteria:
  • (Green) Initial Hinge format at the top of the elastic range, represents Immediate Occupancy.
  • (Blue) Hinge in the Life Safety range
  • (Purple) Hinge in the Collapse Prevention range.
  • (Red) Hinge greater than Collapse Prevention range.