STAAD.Pro Help

AD.2007-07.3.6 V8i Integration

The export of support geometry and reactions to V8i can now be initiated from within STAAD.Pro using the Foundation Design mode. This feature is similar to the Import STAAD.Pro File capability included in

When selected, the Foundation Mode opens the Foundation page which contains a view of the whole structure and the Foundation Design Options dialog.

From here, you can select to include all supports, you can graphically select supports, or you can specify a list of support numbers for exporting to a project. Similarly, the load cases from the analysis are listed for inclusion in the project.

Tip: Models containing a large number of supported nodes or load cases may result in slow performance on older computer hardware. Exporting a limited set of data can be used to improve performance in in these cases.

Planned future enhancements also include the export of mat foundations modeled in STAAD.Pro for design in