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D12.A.6 Yield Check

The yield check is performed at member ends and at 11 equally spaced intermediate sections along the member length.

At each section the following forces are applied:

  • Fx max. axial force along member
  • Fy actual shear in local y-direction at section
  • Fz actual shear in local z-direction at section
  • Mx max. torsional moment along member
  • My actual bending about local y-axis at section
  • Mz actual bending about local z-axis at section

For all profiles other than angle sections absolute values of the stresses are used. For

double symmetric profiles there will always be one stress point.

The stresses are calculated in several stress points at each member section. At each stress

point the von Mises stress is checked as follows:

σ j = σ t o t 2 + σ p 2 σ t o t σ p + 3 ( τ x + τ y + τ z ) 2 f y γ m


σtot = | σx + σby + σbz |

  • σp stress from hydrostatic pressure.