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T.2 The Beam Forces Table

When the Beam Results page is selected in the Postprocessing workflow, two tables open on the right side of the program window.

The Beam End Forces table lists the axial forces and shear forces, bending and torsional moments in all selected beams for all selected load cases are displayed in a tabular form along the right half of the screen.

The Beam Force Detail table lists force and moment values for every node for every selected load case.

Note: The load cases included in results tables can be restricted using the Results Setup dialog. Refer to T.2 Restricting the load cases for results for details.

Tip: You can reopen any closed tables from the Tables dialog, which is opened by selecting the Tables tool in the Windows group on the View ribbon tab.

The Beam End Forces table

All This tab presents all forces and moments corresponding to all 6 degrees of freedom at the start and end of each selected member for all selected load cases.
Summary This tab, shown in the next figure, presents the maximum and minimum values (forces and moments) for each degree of freedom. All beams and all Load Cases specified during the Results Setup are considered. Maximum values for all degrees of freedom are presented with the corresponding Node of occurrence and Load Case number (L/C).
Envelope This tab shows a table consisting of the maximum and minimum for each degree of freedom for each member, and the load case responsible for each of those values.