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AD.2007-07.4.1* Design of Class 4 "Slender" Sections in IS800:2007

The design of slender classified sections (only rolled or welded I sections) per IS:800-2007 has been added to STAAD.Pro.

The IS:800-2007 code does not provide any clear guidelines about what method should be adopted for the design of slender section. The "Flange Only" concept has been adopted where it is assumed that flexure is taken by the flanges alone and the web will resist shear with adequate shear buckling resistance. This means that the flange elements must be non-slender with slender web element to qualify for slender section that can be designed. If any of the flanges become slender, the design will not be performed for Bending and a warning message is displayed.

Refer to D8.A. Indian Codes - Steel Design per IS 800 - 2007 for additional information on the design procedures used for slender sections for IS800:2007 as well as a verification example problem.