STAAD.Pro Help

RR 21.03.00-1.1 APL Apollo Structural Tube Sections

The catalog of available steel sections has been expanded to include the hollow sections from APL Apollo (India).

To specify an APL Apollo tube section

  1. Select the Specifications ribbon tab.
  2. On the Properties - Whole Structure dialog, click Section Databse.

    The Section Profiles Table dialog opens.

  3. Select APL Apollo Tubes in the list of tables on the Steel tab.
  4. Select the profile type to use from the list of tables:
    • Rectangular Hollow
    • Square Hollow
    • Circular Hollow
  5. Select the profile from the Select Profile list.
  6. (Optional) Check the Material option to specify the selected material with the profile.
  7. Click Add.

    The section is now added to the Section tab in the Properties - Whole Structure dialog box and can be assigned to members.