STAAD.Pro Help

M. To create an orthotropic material

To create a 2D orthotropic material definition for use with orthotropic plate elements, use the following procedure.

You may want to set the input units to a familiar set of units for defining materials before creating a new material definition.

注記: 2D othrotropic material definitions are for use with plate elements only.
  1. Select the Materials page in the Analytical Modeling page control bar.

    The Material - Whole Structure dialog and the Materials table open.

  2. In the Material - Whole Structure dialog, select the Orthotropic 2D tab.
  3. Click Create. The 2-D OrthoTropic Material Property dialog opens.
  4. Type a Title for the material.
  5. Type the material values:
    1. Type the Young's Modulus and Thermal Coefficients in the X direction.
    2. Type the Young's Modulus and Thermal Coefficients in the Y direction.
    3. Type the Density, Critical Damping, and Poisson's Ratio values. The same values are used in both X and Y directions.
    4. Type the Shear Modulus values for in-plane shear (Gxy), shear transverse to the local Y-Z direction (Gyz), and shear transverse to the local Z-X direction (Gzx).
  6. Click Add.
The material definition is now added to the Materials table and is available for selecting when assigning shapes and in Material - Whole Structure dialog.