STAAD.Pro Help

P. To check for plan irregularities

To check for plan irregularities per Eurocode 8 such as re-entrant corners, slenderness, and torsional radius, use the following procedure.

This set of checks is to enable you to be able to classify the building as being 'regular in plan.' Checks will be performed and the results will be displayed graphically in the GUI. The program primarily checks for the main three plan regularity conditions set out in EC-8 viz.
  1. Checks for re-entrant corners in floor slabs – The program performs checks on each floor slab and reports whether the condition set out in EC-8 for re-entrant corners has been satisfied.
  2. Check for slenderness of structure – The program calculates a "slenderness ratio" for the structure based on the maximum dimensions on plan and reports whether the EC-8 criteria are satisfied.
  3. Checks for torsional radius: - The program calculates the torsional radius for each floor and checks against the conditions set out in EC-8.
  1. Select the EC8 Plans page in the Earthquake page control bar. The Check Regularity in Plan dialog opens along with the Slab Re-Entrant Corners and Torsional Radius Check tables.
    ヒント: You may have to re-arrange the dialog and tables to display all windows.
  2. To check for re-entrant corners:
    1. In the Check Regularity in Plan dialog, expand Clause - [Re-Entrant Corners]. A child entry is present for each floor in the structure.
    2. Select each floor to review any detected re-entrant corners. The details of any detected re-entrant corners are displayed in the Slab Re-Entrant Corners table.
  3. To check for structure slenderness, expand Clause - [Slenderness] in the Check Regularity in Plan dialog. The slenderness ratio and status for the structure is reported.
  4. To check torsional radius, select the Torsional Radius Check table. The ratio of each torsional radius check for each floor along with the status of the check is reported here.