STAAD.Pro Help

I. To create an archive

To create an archive file for a STAAD project, use the following procedure.

You cannot create an archive when a STAAD input file is open in the program.
  1. Select the Archive tab on the Start page.
  2. Select Create.

  3. Select the File Name of the STAAD input file you want to archive. Click Browse to navigate to the file using a Windows open dialog.
  4. Type the File Name of the archive file.
  5. (Optional) Select a Location where you want the archive file created. The default location is the same folder containing the STAAD input file.
  6. (Optional) Select the files associated with the input file you want included in the archive. All files are selected by default.
  7. Click Create.
You can repeat this process and overwrite an existing archive file to update with any changes made to the STAAD input file, analysis results, etc.