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AD.2007-03.4.2 Support of Multiple Connections at a Joint

RAM Connection designs separate parts of a connection with different templates such as a Shear Plate Connection and a Moment Connection. Therefore the RAM Connection mode has been enhanced to allow multiple Connections to be assigned to a single joint.

The following is an enhancement of the new feature added in STAAD.Pro 2007 Build 1001. Refer to AD.2007-1001.5.1 RAM Connection Design Mode.

If a design brief is assigned to a joint that already has one assigned, then rather than replacing the existing design brief, an additional connection will be defined.

When multiple connections exist at a joint, the information is displayed such that the colour coding of the connection uses the following logic:

When selecting a joint that has multiple connections associated with it, the following dialog box is displayed that shows the associated connections from which the required connection should be selected:

Note: Each connection is designed and detailed independently