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AD.2007-06.2.2 Update to Russian Concrete Design

The Russian SNiP concrete design routines have been updated to accommodate new reinforcement and concrete class definitions. In order that these new classes can be assigned to members that are to be designed, the following changes have taken place in the RCL, BCL, and RHS parameters.

Refer to D13.A. Russian Codes - Concrete Design Per SNiP 2.03.01-84* for additional information.

Additionally a few other minor updates have been incorporated to ensure axial tension is ignored in column design and that the provided area of steel in both directions is not less than the minimum.

To select reinforcement or concrete class definitions

  1. In the modeling mode, select the Design | Concrete page.

  2. Select SNiP 2.03 01-84 in the Current Code drop-down list.
  3. Click the Define Parameters button below the model outline panel.
  4. The RCL, BCL, and RSH parameters have the new definitions available. Refer to D13.A.2 Design Parameters for additional information.

    Reinforcement Class for longitudinal reinforcement (RCL):

    Compression class of concrete B (BCL):

    Reinforcement class for shear reinforcement (RSH):