STAAD.Pro Help

EX. To change detailing of a connection

  1. In the RAM Connection Input table, double-click the row for connection number 3 (connection BCF - N(3) - M(1,5)).
    Tip: You can also use the Joint Cursor tool in the Connection Design ribbon tab to double-click on a joint in the View window.
    The Connection Pad window opens. This window contains the details of the current connection design as well as a 3D rendering.
  2. In the right details pane, select the Seat angle in the Unstiffened seated section. The default design is a relatively small seat angle and larger top angle.
  3. Select an L40408 for the Seat angle section and then click OK.
    The design, connection detailing, and drawing update immediately.
  4. Click the Results tool to display the design checks report.
  5. In the Report window, select the show Formulas tool. The report updates with the calculations for each check.
    Tip: You can export either format to a Microsoft Office Word document. Including formulas significantly increases the length of the report.
  6. Select the Exit tool to close the report window.
  7. Select the Save tool.
  8. Click the [X] to close the Connection Pad window. The design is updated in the RAM Connection Input table.