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D3.B.4 Built-In Steel Section Library

The following information is provided for use when the built-in steel tables are to be referenced for member property specification. These properties are stored in a database file. If called for, the properties are also used for member design. Since the shear areas are built into these tables, shear deformation is always considered during the analysis of these members.

Almost all BSI steel sections are available for input. A complete listing of the sections available in the built-in steel section library may be obtained by using the tools of the graphical user interface.

Following are the descriptions of different types of sections available:

その他の詳細については、「G.6.2 Built-In Steel Section Libraries」を参照してください。

D3.B.4.1 Universal Beams, Columns, and Piles

All rolled universal beams, columns and pile sections are available. The following examples illustrate the designation scheme.

20 TO  30 TA ST UB305X165X54
33 36  TA ST UC356X406X287
100  102 106 TA ST UP305X305X186

D3.B.4.2 Rolled Steel Joists

Joist sections may be specified as they are listed in BSI-80 with the weight omitted. In those cases where two joists have the same specifications but different weights, the lighter section should be specified with an "A" at the end.

10 TO  20 TA ST JO152X127
1 2  TA ST JO127X114A

D3.B.4.3 Channels

All rolled steel channel sections from the BSI table have been incorporated in STAAD. The designation is similar to that of the joists. The same designation scheme as in BSI tables may be used with the weight omitted.

10 TO  15 TA ST CH305X102
55 57 59 61 TA ST CH178X76

D3.B.4.4 Double Channels

Back-to-back double channels, with or without spacing between them, are available. The letter "D" in front of the section name will specify a double channel (e.g., D CH102X51, D CH203X89, etc.)

51 52  53 TA D CH152X89
70 TO 80 TA D CH305X102 SP 5.

(specifies a double channel with a spacing of 5 length units)

Note: Face-to-face double channels can not be used in a CHECK CODE command.

D3.B.4.5 Tee Sections

Tee sections are not input by their actual designations, but instead by referring to the universal beam shapes from which they are cut. For example,

54 55  56 TA T UB254X102X22

(tee cut from UB254X102X22)

D3.B.4.6 Angles

All equal and unequal angles are available for analysis.Note, however, that only angles specified with an RA specification can be designed.

The standard angle section is specified as follows:

15 20  25 TA ST UA200X150X18

Note: この仕様は"標準"アングルに対するものであり、STによって指定されます。この仕様では、ローカルのz軸は、断面テーブルに表示されているY’-Y’軸に対応しています。アングルを指定する別の一般的な手法では、部材系のy軸がY'-Y'軸に対応していると想定します。この規則に従ってアングルを指定するには、逆アングルの指定であるRAを使用します。標準アングル(ST)および逆アングル(RA)に対応する部材座標系の詳細については、「G.4.2 Local Coordinate System」を参照してください。
35 TO  45 TA RA UA200X150X18

D3.B.4.7 Double Angles

Short leg back-to-back or long leg back-to-back double angles can be specified by inputting the word SD or LD, respectively, in front of the angle size. In case of an equal angle, either LD or SD will serve the purpose. For example,

14 TO  20 TA LD UA200X200X16 SP 1.5
23 27 TA SD UA80X60X6

"SP" denotes spacing between the individual angle sections.

Note: If the section is defined from a double angle user table, then the section properties must be defined with an 11th value which defines the radius of gyration about an individual sections’ principal v-v axis (refer to TR.19.4 ダブルアングル)

D3.B.4.8 Pipes (Circular Hollow Sections)

To designate circular hollow sections from BSI tables, use PIP followed by the numerical value of diameter and thickness of the section in mm omitting the decimal section of the value provided for diameter. The following example will illustrate the designation.

10 15  TA ST PIP213.2

(specifies a 21.3 mm dia. pipe with 3.2 mm wall thickness)

Circular hollow sections may also be provided by specifying the outside and inside diameters of the section. For example,

1 TO  9 TA ST PIPE OD 25.0 ID 20.0

(specifies a pipe with outside dia. of 25 and inside dia. of 20 in current length units)

Only code checking and no member selection will be performed if this type of specification is used.

D3.B.4.9 Rectangular or Square Hollow Sections (Tubes)

Designation of tubes from the BSI steel table is illustrated below:

BSI tube nomenclature


15 TO 25 TA ST TUB160808.0

Tubes, like pipes, can also be input by their dimensions (Height, Width and Thickness) and not by any table designations.

6 TA  ST TUBE DT 8.0 WT 6.0 TH 0.5 
(a tube  that has a height of 8, a width of 6, and a wall thickness of 0.5 length  units)
Note: Only code checking and no member selection is performed for TUBE sections specified this way.