STAAD.Pro Help

AD.2007-06.1.1 CIS/2 Translator Update

The STAAD.Pro tool to import and export models with the CIS/2 translator has been enhanced for the transfer of models into 3D modeling, such as Intergraph SmartPlant® 3D (SP3D).

The CIS/2 (CimSteel Integration Standard, Version 2) allows for the transfer of steel models using a prescribed data standard in the STEP (Part 21) format. These files can contain different models including analysis models. In previous versions of STAAD.Pro, CIS/2 files could not be imported into an existing STAAD file. The import process has now been updated so that new STAAD input files can be created or existing input files updated from a CIS/2 file.

STAAD.Pro will retain all relevant information generated by SP3D –including the object IDs (GUIDs)– when importing CIS/2 files. Further modeling operation will be done in STAAD.Pro which includes special purpose load generations, analysis, design and member selections and modifications. You may then export out to a CIS/2 STEP file and retain all information inherited from SP3D STEP file and addition/deletion/modification information performed in STAAD.Pro.

Using import and export of STEP files in SP3D, further modification can be made in SP3D and the STAAD.Pro model can be updated its model. Only geometry, member properties, boundary condition information are within the update scope of STAAD.Pro. While updating the STAAD.Pro model, no other information will be considered. This round-trip process can be repeated an unlimited number of times

Additionally, two new VBS Macros have been included in the User Tools to aide in the verification of model integrity before and after update operations using the Import dialog. These may be found in the User Tools drop-down menu in the File toolbar or under Tools >  User Tools.

New User Tools (VBS Macros)

Two VBS macro are developed to assist users to confirm the model integrity before and after the update operations.

List Object GUIDs

Opens the GUID Report tables. This is useful to verify that the GUIDs are same as those in SP3D.

CIS/2 Object Update Report Tool

Used to capture model state before an update operation (Create Pre-Update Report) and then same tool can be invoked again after the update process to generate a report showing what exactly has been updated (Create Post-Update Report).