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D1.L.4.1.2 Tension

Allowable tensile stress on the Net section is calculated as (0.60×Fy ), but not more than (0.5×Fu ) on the Effective Net area.

The Net Area (An) shall be determined in accordance with NF-3322.8(c)(1) - (a), (b) and (c), and the NSF parameter can be utilized for that.

The Effective Net Area (Ae) of axially loaded tension members, where the load is transmitted by bolts through some but not all of the cross-sectional elements of the member, shall be computed from the formula (ref. NF-3322.8(c)(1)(d)),

Ae = Ct × An

Unless otherwise specified, the default value of the CT parameter is set as 0.75.

The value of CT parameter for other conditions is described at section NF-3322.8(c)(1)(d)(1), (2) and (3).

The provisions for Pin-connected and Threaded tensile member are not implemented in STAAD.