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AD.2007-06.2.1 ANSI/AISC N690-1984 Design Code

For steel design, STAAD.Pro compares the actual stresses with the allowable stresses as defined by the ANSI/AISC N690-1984: Nuclear Facilities - Steel Safety-Related Structures for Design, Fabrication, and Erection.

The parameter CODE AISC N690 1984 is used to initiate code checking per ANSI/AISC N690-1984.

The full details for this code - including parameters, commands, and technical background - are in D1.K.2. ANSI/AISC N690-1984 Code.

To use the ANSI/AISC N690 1984 code

  1. In the modeling mode, select the Design | Steel page.

  2. Select AISC N690 1984 in the Current Code drop-down list.