STAAD.Pro Help

I. Keyboard Shortcuts

Exit the programs. <Alt+F4>
Opens the help topic for the current input command. <F1>
Select all the contents in the current input file. <Ctrl+A>
Copy the current selection to the clipboard. <Ctrl+C>
Open the Quick Find tool to search the document. <Ctrl+F>
Open the Quick Replace tool to find and replace strings in the document. <Ctrl+H>
Highlight all occurances of a typed string. <Ctrl+I>
Delete the current line. <Ctrl+L>
Start a new input file. <Ctrl+N>
Open an existing STAAD input file. <Ctrl+O>
Open the Print dialog. <Ctrl+P>
Save changes made to the current input file. If the file has not been saved previously, you will be prompted to type a file name and select a location. <Ctrl+S>
Reverse the order of the previous two characters before the cursor. <Ctrl+T>
Paste the clipboard contents at the cursor location. <Ctrl+V>
Cut the selection from the document to the clipboard. <Ctrl+X>
Undo the last redo action. <Ctrl+Y>
Undo the last action. <Ctrl+Z>