STAAD.Pro Help

M. To manually specify connections between piping supports and the structure

  1. Select the Supports page in the Piping workflow. The Pipe Supports table opens.
  2. Select the row of the Pipe Support Node you wish to connect to the structure.
  3. Select if the support is Connected To either a Node or Beam.
    注記: Ground supports are the default and are assumed to not be supported by the structural model.
  4. Press <Tab>.
  5. Type the connecting Beam or Node number in the Structure Entity cell for the Pipe Node. The connection association is shown as a dashed, red line in the view window.
  6. Press <Tab> to update the model.
  7. (オプション)  (For Beam supports) Specify a distance along the beam, from the start node, to the connection point and then press <Tab>.
  8. Repeat Steps 2 through 7 to connect as many supports as needed.