STAAD.Pro Help

M. To Change Column Size, Orientation, and Alignment

To change a column size and orientation, use the following steps.

  1. Select Assign > Column Sizing and Orientation.

    The Column Sizing dialog opens.

  2. Select a column in the main graphical view. The selected column is highlighted in a red circle and the Mark is displayed. The column orientation and offset are displayed in the right-hand views.
  3. To change the column orientation (i.e., Beta angle):
    1. Click a different axis of orientation in the lower, right-hand graphic or click +90 to rotate the column 90°
    2. Click Update Offset Data & Beta Angle.
  4. To change the column offset:
    1. Click one of the column faces in the middle, right-hand graphic.
    2. Type an offset value in the indicated units.
    3. Repeat steps 4a and 4b to specify offsets in a different axis.
    4. Click Update Offset Data & Beta Angle.
  5. To change a column size:
    1. Click Re-Size Column.

      The Design Column: <mark> dialog opens.

    2. Type initial design parameters in the fields.
      ヒント: You can use the Check Column feature to perform a design check on the current column size.
    3. Select a Column Shape.
    4. Click Design Column. The column size (Breadth and Depth) at each floor are updated based on the design parameters and specified building loads.
    5. (オプション) You can manually type changes to the table values to further refine the design.
      ヒント: Use the automatic fill buttons below the table to copy values up or down the currently selected row.
    6. Click OK. The column diagrams are updated in the Column Sizing dialog.
  6. Repeat Steps 2 through 5 for each column you want to change.
  7. Click the X in the top,right-hand corner of the Column Sizing dialog when you are finished making changes to the column sizes and orientation. The Beam Release Details table updates with the changes.