STAAD.Pro Help

OS. Writing OpenSTAAD in Other Programming Languages

You can write scripts or even standalone applications which utilize STAAD.Pro through OpenSTAAD. This requires a separate environment in which to write the code (typically an integrated development environment, or IDE) as well as a code interpreter for the programming language you use.

COM Compliant Languages

Any program language capable of calling Windows Component Object Model (COM) components may be used. While it isn’t feasible to document the usage of all such languages, some commonly used options are described here.

Although OpenSTAAD supports all major programming languages used today capable of calling COM components, it is impractical to document the usage of each and every function in all of these languages.

Using a Development Environment

Unlike writing macros in the STAAD.Pro Script Editor or in a Visual Basic for Application Editor in an Office application, writing code in another programming language requires a development environment. This is any sort of application that allows you to both edit and run code. These development environments often come with coding aids such as autocompletion features, error detection and suggestions, compilers, and more. This is typically referred to as an Integrated Development Environment (or IDE).

There are many different commercial and open source IDE options, but these guides will typically stick with Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2019. This is widely used IDE and the Community edition can be used for free at