STAAD.Pro Help

M. To Modify Seismic Parameters

To specify parameters for lateral seismic loads, use the following steps.

The seismic load parameters are input per the following codes:
  • UBC 97
  • IS 1893-2002
  1. Select Assign > Seismic Parameters.

    The Seismic Parameters dialog opens.

  2. Either:

    Select the appropriate City in the drop-down list (recommended)


    Type Seismic Coefficient and Seismic Zone values directly.

  3. Specify a Response Reduction Factor for the building:
    1. Click […] adjacent to the Response Reduction Factor field. The Response Reduction Factor dialog opens.
    2. Select the appropriate row in the Building Frame Systems description list.
    3. Click OK. The Response Reduction Factor is updated.
  4. (オプション)  Specify or select additional seismic parameters as necessary:
    1. Type an Importance Factor value.
    2. Type a Damping Factor value.
    3. Select the type of soil on site from the Rock/Soil Factor drop-down list.
    4. Select the Combination Method from the drop-down list.
    5. Type the Base Shear Scale Factor value.
  5. Select if brick infill panels are present in the building structure to determine the Natural Time Period.
    ヒント: Click Details to see the values used in evaluating Px and Pz.
  6. Click OK.