STAAD.Pro Help

M. To assign a composite damping ratio

To assign a damping ratio to a model selection, use the following procedure.

This method assigns a composite damping ratio by a material constant.
注記: If you assign a material definition to members, elements, or solids, then the critical damping ratio for that material will be used.
  1. On the Specifications ribbon tab, select the Constants > Damping Ratio tool in the Materials group.

    The Material Constant - Damping Ratio dialog opens.
  2. Select either:

    the Enter Value option and then type the composite damping ratio value (must be between 0.001 and 0.99)


    one of the three predefined materials: Aluminum, Concrete, or Steel

    Material name Composite damping ratio value
    Aluminum 0.03
    Concrete 0.05
    Steel 0.03
  3. Select the To Selection option to limit the assignment to the selection set.
  4. Click OK.