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G.17.2.4 Imperfection Analysis

Structures subjected to vertical and lateral loads often experience secondary forces due to curvature imperfections in the columns and beams. This secondary effect is similar to the P-Delta effect. In STAAD.Pro the procedure consists of the following steps:

  1. First, the deflections and the axial forces in the selected imperfect members are calculated based on the provided external loading.

  2. The axial forces and the input imperfections are then used to compute an additional loading on the selected imperfect members that are in compression. These additional loads are combined with the originally applied loading. 

  3. The static analysis is performed with the combined loading to obtain the final result.

The section moment due to tension and the section displacements due to shear/bending are added to the moment diagram, if small delta is selected. This is no iteration performed for this step.