STAAD.Pro Help

T.2 Viewing the force and moment graphs

The Graphs results in the Postprocessing workflow are used to view moment and force graphs such as Axial, Bending zz, Shear yy and Combined Stresses for individual members.

  1. Display the beam results graphs:
    1. On the Results ribbon tab, select the Tables tool in the View Results group.
    2. In the Beam Results group, select Graphs.
    The View window shows the loading on the structure. On the right side of the screen, the force/moment diagrams appear.
  2. Select a member in the View window.

    The graphs are plotted for that member in the data area.

    Bending, shear, and axial graphs for Beam 2 under load case 5: DEAD + WIND.

  3. To change the diagrams displayed for the current beam and load case selection:
    1. Right-click on any graph window and select Diagrams from the pop-up menu. The Diagram dialog opens.
    2. Set the check box for the degrees of freedom you wish to view in the diagram.

    3. Click OK . The selected degree of freedom is plotted in that window.