STAAD.Pro Help

M. To add weight by a reference load to a seismic load definition

To use a previously defined reference load case for the weights in your seismic load definition, use the following procedure.

You must create a reference load case containing the load items to be used as weights in the seismic load. Refer to M. To create a reference load for details.
This approach is preferable if you need to use the same weight tables for multiple loads or analysis.
  1. In the Loads & Defintions dialog, select the seismic defintion to which you want to add weights and then click Add. The Add New: Seismic Definitions dialog opens.
  2. Select the Reference Load tab in the Add New: Seismic Definitions dialog.
  3. Either:

    select a reference load definition and then click > to add it to the Reference Load item


    click >> to add all the available reference load definition to the Reference Load item.

  4. (オプション) Type a Factor to apply to each reference load definition in the Reference Load item as needed.
  5. Select the global direction along which the load is applied from the Along drop-down list.
  6. Click Add.
  7. Click Close.