STAAD.Pro Help

GS. STAAD.Pro Converter utility

An extensive unit converter is included with the program which can convert values from one unit system to another.

Opens when the Unit Converter tool is selected from the Tools group on the Utilities ribbon tab.


Tool icon Description

Click to add a custom unit conversion to the current unit category. In the Custom Units table, type a From unit label, the conversion Factor, and a To unit label and then click Ok.
For example, you can type the following to add yards to the Length conversion:
From Factor To
Feet 3 Yards

Click to open the Settings dialog.

Swap units
Click to switch the From and To units for the current category.

Add to favourites
Click to add the current conversion settings to the Favourites list on the right.

Settings dialog

Click the Settings tool to display the Unit Converter settings.

Setting Description
Theme Select a display theme from the drop-down list.
Output decimal places Set the decimal places to display in the conversion output.
Max no of favourite items Set the number of items to display in the favourites list.
Max no of recently used items Set the number of items to display in the recently used items list.
Top Most Check this settings to keep the Unit Converter dialog on top of all other windows on your screen, even when other windows are active.