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D3.B.11 Plate Girders

Sections will be considered for the Plate Girder checks (BS 5950 Section 4.4) if d/t > 70 ε for "rolled sections" or d/t >62 ε for ‘welded sections’. The parameter SBLT should be used to identify sections as rolled or welded; see the parameter list for more information.

If the plate girder has intermediate stiffeners, the spacing is set with the PNL parameter. These are then used to check against the code clauses " - Minimum web thickness for serviceability" and ‘ - Minimum web thickness to avoid compression flange buckling’. The following printout is then included if a TRACK 2.0 output is selected:

Shear  Buckling check is required: Vb = 1070 kN : qw    = 118  N/mm2
d   = 900 mm  :   t  =  10 mm   : a  =  200 mm : pyf = 275 N/mm2
BS-  status = PASS        : BS- status  = PASS

The section is then checked for shear buckling resistance using clause " - Simplified method" and the result is included in the ratio checks.