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AD.2007-09.3.4 Star Angle Design per IS-800

The design of "star" angle arrangements per IS 800:2007 have been implemented in STAAD.Pro to for members subjected to axial force only. Such star angles are often used for the legs of transmission or communication towers and as bracing members in industrial buildings.

Refer to D8.A. Indian Codes - Steel Design per IS 800 - 2007 for details on Limit States and Member Property Specifications in IS 800:2007 design.


  • The design of star angles is only supported for IS 800:2007.
  • Members must be declared as a TRUSS member (axial only). An error will be reported in the output if any other member specification is used.
  • It is assumed that the star angle arrangement is a welded shape. Plated shapes are not accounted for in the program.

To specify a star angle arrangement for IS 800:2007 design

Refer to TR.20.1 鋼材テーブルからの特性の割り当て for additional information on assigning properties from steel tables.

  1. Select Commands >  Member Property > Steel Table >  Indian.

    The Section Profile Tables dialog opens to the Indian steel table.

  2. Select the Angle tab.
  3. Chose an angle section from the Select Angle list.
  4. Select the SA (Star angle arrangement, Double Angle) Type Specification.
  5. Click Add.

    The section is added to the model and is available for member assignment.