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AD.2007-1001.1.13 Enhanced Beta Angle Definition and Assignment

Assigning beta angles on members has been improved visually by displaying the commands that are stored in the STAAD data file, making them easier to manage.

Beta angle definitions are created and listed in the Beta Angle sheet of the Property dialog box. Each new command is listed in the dialog as shown below and can be assigned using the assignment methods commonly used throughout STAAD.Pro:

The creation of beta angle commands includes three options:
  1. Define specific angle to rotate the beams about their local X axis.
  2. Specify the command ‘Angle’(*)
  3. Specify the command ‘RAngle’ (*)

(*) The Angle and RAngle commands are specifically for equal and unequal angle sections. All sections are aligned with their principal axes aligned with the global axes, however, angle sections are often required to align their flanges with the global axes. By assigning either the Angle or RAngle command, the section will be rotated to align the flanges. For more information, see section 5.26.2 - Specifying CONSTANTS for members, plate elements and solid elements - of the Technical Reference Manual.