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RR 22.01.00-3.1 Static Seismic Loads per IBC 2018 / ASCE 7-16

Automatically generated equivalent lateral seismic loads per IBC 2018 / ASCE 7-16 are now available in STAAD.Pro.

The load parameters are assigned using the User Interface or can be manually entered in the STAAD editor.

Automatic load combinations using the tables from IBC 2018 can be added using the Auto Load Combination dialog, as well.

Changes from IBC 2015/ASCE 7-10 Code

The changes in seismic provisions of IBC 2018/ASCE 7-16 over the previous version IBC 2015/ASCE 7-10 are mainly observed in Mapped Spectral Acceleration parameters outlined in chapter 22. STAAD.Pro uses the spectral acceleration data in text format available in USGS site
Note: 2018年版IBCのマップされたスペクトル応答加速度の値は、ZIPまたはLATLONGの方法を使用する場合、USGSから提供される動的なデータから取得されます。これにはインターネット接続が必要です。インターネット接続を使用できない場合は、SSおよびS1のパラメータを使用して値を入力する必要があります。

The other significant change in the seismic provisions are in long-period site coefficient, Fa, and short-period site coefficient, Fv. Table 11.4-1 and 11.4-2 of the code provides the value of Fa and Fv respectively. These values are used for the IBC 2018 implementation in STAAD.Pro.

Note: Other changes to this portion of the code from the previous edition are not relevant to the calculations performed by STAAD.Pro.